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Broadcast Tools

Spotter Charts and Scoresheets for Various Sports

Football SpotteR

I print these on 11x17 cardstock. Each side has offense and defense of opposing teams. When possosion changes, I can just flip the chart. 


Specialists (returners, kickers, punters, etc) are also listed on appropriate sides. 


Stats and player notes are also included.

Baseball Scorecard

My baseball socrecard is 8.5"x14" (Legal) on heavy stock paper and spiral bound into a book. I can also print single-game flip cards for broadcasts of teams that I don't do a full season of.


There are designated places for available bullpen and bench players, as well as notes for each individual starter in the batting order.


There is also plenty of white space to add general game notes.

I also make an 8.5"x11" vertical version that can be purchased here

Spotter & Scorecard

I created a combination spotter chart and scorecard for basketball.


Each roster is printed on its own 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and then taped to a file folder with double-sided tape. 

Name, number, height, weight, class, hometown, stats, and notes are all printed.

Individual player scoring and fouls are kept in the boxes to the right.

Volleyball Spotter

Both rosters are printed on the same side of an 11"x17" piece of cardstock.


The spaces in the midde are used for team notes and often include conference info. 


Each player has a space to add notes and stats.

Soccer Spotter

Both rosters are printed on the same side of an 11"x17" piece of cardstock.


Each player's space has some room for general player info/stats. I typically use another sheet for more detailed info/talking points/story lines.


I typically use a highlighter to denote startes once they are announced prior to each game.

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